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Monday, January 15, 2007

About an hour north of Montevideo

The shore, north of Montevideo, Uruguary, is a string of summer homes. Much like Door County, WI, or Beverly Shores, IN, the "cottages" range from modest shacks to extravagant homes. At one point, Carolyn asked me "Why do you alway take pictures of the little ones?" I didn't have an answer at the moment. I'm not sure I have completely thought through my motivations, but I think it's because the smaller ones usually have more personality. It's easy to build a massive, sprawling house if you have money. You just hire people and they make it happen. The result, of course, doesn't reflect your personality, and usually your house ends up being rather routine. The little cottages and shacks, on the other hand, nearly always convey something about their creators. They are often quirky and exhibit little fear in the use of colors and materials. They take you by surprise.

Unlike Door County or Beverly Shores, these cottages, and the ocean, are all reachable without a car. We saw few cars. Instead, people take a bus, a motorbike, a bike, or, mostly, they simply walk. Imagine taking a bus to Door County, getting off at the nearest stop and walking a mile or two to your summer hideaway?


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